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The Big Lizzie Borden Coloring Book!

The long-awaited Big Lizzie Borden Coloring Book is here! #lizziebordencoloring Limited Time Pre-sale - List price $16.99 - order it from us now and get $6 off using the code LIZZIEB - to get it for only $10.99 plus shipping & handling! Added bonus - if you let us know the author can also sign or even inscribe the book for you at no additional cost! The Pre-sale code is only valid until August 4th - the day of the murders! Estimated shipping date is 8/4/2020

A father and stepmother axed to death. One suspect, Lizzie Borden, the daughter. This coloring book takes the artist on a journey through the events leading up to the murders, the trial and the aftermath. Designed for framing, each picture has part of the story written on the back page giving context to the picture.With over 30 stunning drawings and line art to color as well as a history lesson, this book is the definitive coloring book for Lizzie Borden and true crime fans! The pages are also designed to be intermediately complex- not so much so you are frustrated and not too little for you to become bored. Although you can enjoy coloring these beautifully terrifying sketches anytime, these excruciatingly frightening pages are best used so as not to cause an ax-ident!

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