top of page, Inc. and Historic Indiana Ghost walks and tours was developed in 2000 by Nicole Kobrowski, a Hoosier native and Michael Kobrowski, a Indiana transplant. Nicole’s cultural roots go back almost 200 years in Indiana and US history. She is a self-proclaimed “mutt” with family ties in six European countries. Her love of history was cultivated in Europe and through her other travels and journeys. Traveling extensively, Nicole feels the call of her Indiana roots calling her back to a place she calls home.

Her involvement with the paranormal started when she was very young because of personal experiences. Since that time, she has been a voracious reader and investigator of the paranormal and works towards being able to use qualitative and quantitative scientific methods and instruments to provide proof of paranormal existence.

Michael Kobrowski was born and raised in Germany. His father's family came from eastern Poland after being displaced in WWII and his mother's family came from Bavaria. Growing up in a city founded in 1050, Nürnberg/Franken/Bayern/Deutschland (Nuremberrg/Franconia/Bavaria/Germany) with so much history, a big amount of it horrible, but lot of if fascinating he has been deep into local and world history for a long time. Discovering his fathers family struggles during the Holocaust laser focused this fascination even more. Local Indiana and US History became a natural obsession when moving here. He has always been interested in the paranormal and sci-fi worlds and has developed a strong bond with real paranormal stories and experiences. As a systems, programming and computer engineer, Michael has been able to use his talents to support our paranormal endeavours.

The Westfield “Haunted Underground Railroad” ghost tour began in 2001 when Nicole and Michael decided that the history and ghosts of Westfield were too interesting to keep bottled up in suburbia. Through their writing and research, Nicole and Michael developed a tour based on the real paranormal stories and history of the area. The tour was a huge success and the business was expanded to include Noblesville, Indianapolis and other Indiana Cities. Currently, the company also offers three different bus tours as well. Unseenpress also conducts public paranormal investigations with selected non-profits that have a focus on history and let us explore their ghosts and help raise funds!, Inc. and Historical Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours has been featured on CBS-WISHTV 8, Fox 59 and other TV stations. In 2018 Nicole appeared on the Canadian/British TV program "Haunted Hospitals".  The company has been in articles in the Indianapolis Star and Intake Magazine, and in the Noblesville Daily Times. It has also been featured nationally in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Midwest Living and other publications. Information has also been written in a variety of paranormal organizations' publications. In 2019 both Nicole and Michael appeared on the rebooted Ghost Hunters episode S1 E7 - Dancing with the Dead that featured the wonderful Athenaeum building/Das Deutsche Haus. (Ghost Hunters didn't want to hear about the ghosts from us, just the history parts and Dr. Knabe).

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