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True History Murder Mystery

She Sleeps Well - The Extraordinary Life & Murder of Dr. Helene Elise Hermine Knabe

She Sleeps Well

On October 24, 1911 Augusta Knabe had a dream. In it she saw a big black snake winding its way between her and her cousin, Dr. Helene Elise Hermine Knabe. The snake, with its sharp, spiky fangs, leered at the two women, almost begging them to make a move. They were frozen with fright, clinging to each other. It was ready to strike, and it was only a matter of time before it had its way.

Augusta awoke with a start, drenched in sweat. Her eyes darted around the darkness and as her mind came out of the dream, Augusta heard familiar sounds- the ticking of her clock, a horse clopping down the street, the creaks of her stepfather’s house on Bates Street. Augusta was sure she was just feeling guilty. She’d decided not to have tea with Helene yesterday after shopping. It was just that the streetcars got so crowded around that time…

Slowly, Augusta returned to a fitful sleep.

When she awoke in the morning, Augusta made her way to school No. 33, Whittier School to teach German for the day. Shortly after she arrived at school, Katherine McPherson, Dr. Knabe’s assistant, phoned her, “Something terrible happened to Dr. Knabe.”

Augusta arrived at Dr. Knabe’s apartment within half an hour. She noticed the blinds in Dr. Knabe’s laboratory and bedroom were up and lights were burning. Katherine met Augusta in Dr. Knabe’s office. 
Dr. Knabe was dead. 

Black & White on White paper

List price - $28.12 (check website or FB for discount codes & sales)
336 pages, Incorporated
ISBN-13: 978-0977413058 
ISBN-10: 0977413055 
BISAC: History / Women
7.44" x 9.69"(18.9 x 24.61 cm)
With many historic pictures

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