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Strange Nathaniel Cragun House - Boone Co Historical Society
Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana



Our June 17th 2023 investigation is for Boone Co residents only. 

Please contact Jane Hammock from the Boone Co Historical Society at 765-336-1489 Leave her a message and she will get back with you.

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Paranormal Investigation of the Strange N. Cragun Home. This is a fundraiser for the Boone County Historical Society that operates this building.

Explore the spaces of history and hauntings.

The generations of family that lived there and put their stamp on Lebanon, IN. Past paranormal experiences included shadow people, footsteps that couldn't be placed, things moving around, a girl talking to a ghost girl in the dining room mirror, people being touched in bedroom closets. We made contact during a previous investigation and Mr. Strange Cragun wasn't too happy we sat around his dining room table (original to the house as so many items!) and were having a good time. Mrs. Strange Cragun on the other hand, his wife, was quite happy with us!


The investigation is limited to 13-15 people max (plus unseenpress and museum folks). The cost is $41 per person for an up to 4 hour investigation.

Scroll down for more pictures.


View from dining room to music room. With laser grid and at least two living people sitting there.


View from parlor into dining room.


Left: Sewing room. Warning, this building has several mannequins! Also Strange liked to take naps in this room. 

Below: Bedroom upstairs

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