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Tours & Events

Read brief descriptions of our ghost walks below. Check our Tour FAQ for general information about our tours (Length, Number of stops, what to bring, how to dress, etc). Check our Tour Online Shop or our Tour & Events Calendar for dates.

We also offer private talks and events please check this PDF document for our appearance fees.


Haunted Indianapolis Downtown Ghost Walk

Wholesale District in Downtown Indianapolis

Visit the places and spaces haunted by a midwest serial killer, local early 1900 gangs and ladies of the evening. Learn about the every day life of ghosts who wander the halls and streets of Indianapolis-- searching for you?


Chilling Chatham Arch Lockerbie Ghost Walk

Downtown Indianapolis - Massachussetts Avenue Area

Set in the Theatre District in Indianapolis Downtown, industry meets society in this spine tingling look at one of the most interesting areas of Indianapolis. Learn of Life and Murder of Dr. Helene Knabe, Cockroach Row and Jolly Werner, all of which lead to mayhem and eternal life on earth after death


Haunted Underground Railroad Ghost Walk

Haunted History of a small Quaker town - Hauntings related to the Underground Railroad and other stories

Join us for a brief encounter with Westfield's most haunting legends and folk tales. Our tour is filled with stories of ghosts of the Underground Railroad and those who helped them escape mixed with modern day gangsters and mischief from Westfield’s haunted history. Surprising spirits from the past of Westfield still roam the quaint and dark downtown today.


Westfield Haunted Union Street

Explore even more hauntings and history of Westfield's main north/south axis, the former US 31 - Union Street!

We explore buildings with tragic histories and very active hauntings, some of the buildings being renovated or moved! Which can cause even more hauntings! We will explore a haunted cemetery which had it's marker damaged, removed, returned and neglected, also a good way to stir things up! Learn about the oldest High School building in Indiana still used for education and what lurks behind those brick walls!


Nefarious Noblesville Ghost Walk

Hauntings on the County Courthouse Square and beyond

From beer rooms to business, visit the places where the dead continue their spirited affairs and hear their empty voices call from beyond. Historic community buildings, bars on the square, industrial buildings, residential buildings and a final resting place make for a fascinating walk.


Anomalous Anderson Ghost Walk

Hauntings on the County Courthouse Square and beyond

Ever wondered what phantoms lurked inside the buildings in Anderson? Now is your chance to find out the history and paranormal happenings in the earliest part of Anderson. Based on Unseenpress accounts, investigations and other witnesses. You will hear about an old church, the location of Andersons first brewery, visit a Native American burial ground and meet a host of spirits in downtown Anderson.

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