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Ghosts of Westfield

Wander one of Indianas most haunted cities with the states most trusted paranormal investigator! Once a conductor hub on the Underground railroad, the very nature of Westfield has always been unusual. Author Nicole Kobrowski recalls chilling tales of ghosts who haunt many of the local homes and businesses. You will journey through the deserted streets of this Indiana city and visit with pioneers who refuse to leave. Through her accounts of unearthly inhabitants who would rather scratch or scare you than share the space, Kobrowski reveals for the first time in print, the creepy, unnatural, and downright frightening supernatural stories that are part of Westfields history and allure.

List price 16.24 (check website or FB for discount codes & sales)
Author: Nicole R. Kobrowski
Publisher:, Inc.
Pages: 182
Pictures: 55
ISBN: 0977413039

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