Paranormal Investigations - Ghost Hunts, Inc - Historic Indiana Ghost Walks & Tours partners with non-profit Organizations to provide Paranormal Investigations (Ghost Hunts) of historic buildings in Indiana. The non-profits receive the profits and our customers and ourselves get to investigate great haunted places!

Just like with our ghost walks we strictly limit the number of people on these investigations. We want everyone to have a great experience and have a chance to try to get real evidence.


Downtown Noblesville, Indiana

The Old Jail & Sheriffs Residence in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana was built in 1876 around the same time the new Courthouse was built. We had numerous investigations in this building and we as well as customers have gotten a lot of evidence. EVPs, pictures, physical... click to read more. 


Fraternal Order of Eagles No 174 Building

Downtown Anderson, Indiana

This 1930 building on the grounds of an earlier Eagles building is full of history and hauntings. The basement area, the rooms on the ground floor and even more the somewhat neglected huge upstairs ballroom and additional areas are brimming with stories about all kind of hauntings.... click to read more. (More coming soon)


Athenaeum Building - Das Deutsche Haus

Downtown Indianapolis, Chatham-Arch Lockerbie/Mass Ave area.

This huge building built starting in 1893 is a Jewel of downtown Indianapolis. It became a National Historic Landmark in 2016! Haunted by German-Americans and others that came through it has been busy from the start and is to this day. Hauntings happen there at all times of the day, but of course we investigate late at night. 13-14 different areas provide a very satisfying investigation in this popular place... click to read more. (More coming soon)