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Busy October Times For Us

October is of course our busiest month. We give ghost tours year-round, but in October things often kick into another gear.

Ghost walking tours fill up faster. More people booking means more people needing to reschedule/cancel (see our FAQ here) which takes more time away from us. Please be nice to our guides and owners during this fun and trying time! :)

It is exciting to see so many of you during our tours, Library talks, sales events etc. You can see those non tour events on our Google based calendar here. Oh, and of course on our Facebook page as well here.

We appreciate your support. This is our 20th year giving ghost walking tours. Incredible. Our 10th year investigating the Athenaeum building/Das Deutsche Haus (home to the Rathskeller restaurant) as well. Our next one is on November 19th, so make sure you get your spots for that!

Say hello when you see us, have patience with us when we seem busy/tired/distracted :-) We will get some rest...well.... later in December I guess, because November is also VERY busy! :)

Happy Hauntings!

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