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Cursed Circle City

We loved the great reactions we have been getting for our newest ghost book "Cursed Circle City". This book about ten of our favorite Indianapolis hauntings, seven of which we investigated ourselves has been a great collaboration between Nicole & Michael Kobrowski. Michael finally wrote four chapters of this book, and joined the official (Co-)Author ranks!

A great mix of true hauntings, paranormal experience we and others had and extremely well and detailed researched history makes this book a must read. True crime is present in many of the stories and contributes in explaining the paranormal happening in these locations.

List: $18.99

Explore the underbelly of the Circle City in this book of true stories from believers like you! Backed by research and investigations and experiences of the last 20+ years!

Sometimes considered cursed due to its history of misplaced dead and involvement as a prisoner of war city during the Civil War, Indianapolis has some of the most delightful dark history and haunts one would dream of.

Indianapolis is one of the most haunted capitals in the United States. Hoosiers are known for working and playing hard. Nothing is as true as reading stories from beer hall and historic restaurants. These places lead readers down haunted tunnels to devilish ghostly delight. With well-researched history and ghost stories from people who investigate them for a living, this book brings to life the history and haunted Indianapolis icons in an easy-to-read book. The best part is that you can visit many places in this book. Road trip!!

List Price: $18.99 Contains many black & white pictures Incorporated ISBN-13: 978-1951437039 ISBN-10: 1951437039 Note: The shipping & handling charges are for media mail shipping. If you want the book shipped faster contact us before you order it.

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