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New Books update 1/3 - Silent Night

"Silent Night"- A psychological thriller with a paranormal element coming out soon. Order now from our secure online store and be one of the first to read this terrifying, terrific wild ride of a book! Also if you order it from us, the author can also sign it for you, if you so request! Order now!

Estimated Ship Date May 1st 2021

A psychological thriller with a paranormal element

Although Nicole’s parents were less than stellar and killed when she was a senior, they left her enough money for a great start in life.

After building an educational consulting firm, Nicole needs a couple of weeks to decompress and get some of her new work projects started. In her childhood home, the hauntings that have happened since she was a child, continue to escalate. To compound the complexity of contractors and projects, Michael Madigan, her first love, has returned throwing her for one big loop.

In the middle of her working vacation, she is thrown into a paranormal horror story as a nemesis appears and disappears out of the blue, and her sister’s ex-boyfriend conjures more spirits during a seance.

A spate of local murders leaves Nicole wondering what kind of fresh hell she’s stumbled into and she is pushed onto perilous footing when the person who killed her parents is unbelievably out to kill her next.

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