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Oct 3rd/4th Noblesville Riverside Cemetery pictures

Katelyn C (THANK YOU!) posted a couple pictures that made us drive back to the cemetery quickly! These were from out Nefarious Noblesville ghost walk on October 3rd. When we first saw the pictures we thought - "Lady in White" which has been seen many times in the Cemetery. (Was originally going to post this as a Note on Facebook page, but they said they are not going to allow Page Notes anymore after 10/31/2020, so I guess not!)

The second picture is a zoom in of the first.

Then we tried to debunk it and thought, maybe it is a large marker behind the smaller one that is dirty on top and more white on the lower part - and then decided to drive out there on a Sunday night around 9:45pm ;-)

When we stepped out at the end of the drive that went to the back of the cemetery we realized quickly we did find the correct spot where we thought it was. We lined the shots up with the markers and trees and noticed right away - there is no marker or tree behind the small marker that could make that picture.

The angle is a bit different but it is definitely that group of markers and tree.

The small marker the woman was seen behind was Walter Freeze marker. He died young, only 21 years old (marker pictures from Find A Grave as we forgot to take close up pictures)

Looks like it used to lean against a tree and then recently was put back in the ground, probably spring of 2020.

Close to him, to the right I assume his mother Emaline and father Thompson

What do you think?

Links to our two Facebook live videos from out there:

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Michael Kobrowski
Michael Kobrowski
Oct 05, 2020


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