Athenaeum - Das Deutsche Haus Investigation

Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana


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The Athenaeum building was built as Das Deutsche Haus, the German Haus by German-American citizens of Indianapolis in the 1890s. It was the center of their community and was to serve as headquarters for many of their social and exercise and art organizations. It is listed three times on the National Register of Historic Places and became a National Historic Landmark in 2016! See more about the history and timeline here on their website.

It also came to be very haunted.

We have been visiting this building since 2001 and started cooperation with the Athenaeum Foundation organization that takes care of the building since 2006. We did our first Public Investigation of the building in 2012 and it has never disappointed. We decided to it was high time to put a site up with some of our findings and impressions from our investigations there. 

Early on we got stories from several waitresses and waiters and barkeepers and even managers from the Rathskeller restaurant which is located in the basement floor of the building. We don't investigate in that area during our public ghost hunts, but if you go in there for a dinner or a beer&snack you can feel it is a busy place with lots of history and hauntings all over the place.


The Rathskeller, the bar and dining area is the oldest restaurant space still in use in the same way in Indianapolis. Traditionally it was the area where the men dined and drank while the women had their separate dining area upstairs. Hauntings go from German voices talking and singing out of nowhere, employees being pinched, poked and their name whispered behind the bar. Beer steins clattering together like invisible people are prosting each other. Dishes moving around by themselves and more.

When we investigated the jail another time we had our (now ex) daughter in law to be along. It was her first investigation with us. She became known as "ghost bait" after a few investigations. During her first one she was in the juvenile cells upstairs, reading some of the interesting graffiti when Nicole mentioned to the spirits around that there was a young pretty woman here for them to talk to. The second picture seems to have someone extra right in front of her and the third picture is Megans disapproving look at Nicole for her suggestion that the ghosts should talk to her.


Both Nicole and Michael don't believe in taunting the spirits. We believe they are just people too and we wouldn't want to talk to people in a threatening or instigating way either. During another investigation Nicole was with a group of people she never investigated with before. It was a nice group during a cool November evening and they were communicating with a spirit through dowsing rods and it seemed he was a pimp from back in the day when prostitution was pretty well established in Noblesville. He said that after he got out of jail he just went back across the street for business as usual. Before Nicole could stop her she blurted out "Well you suck a little bit". Shortly after Nicole started to feel warm. She asked the others if they felt warm too and they all said, nope it was still cold.

Shortly after Nicole felt even warmer on her lower back, so she asked the woman next to her "I know we don't know each other well, but could you pull up my shirt in the back?". The woman obliged and saw Nicoles back was scratched!