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Changes at Central State Hospital Insane Asylum Grounds

We are obviously very connected and invested in the old Central State Hospital grounds on the west side of Indianapolis. We found it first because of the history, got more into it with the ghosts, and then, due to someone else doing a movie out there that was supposed to be about the history, but was about ghosts, wasn't done great, and the history was all wrong, Nicole wrote her book about it.

Fractured Intentions - A History of Central State Hospital for the Insane is still the most difficult book Nicole ever wrote. And it was difficult for me, Michael, as well. It took her over 10 years, blood sweat and tears. Such a very difficult topic to write about! But also so rewarding. We heard from several folks how great this one would be for a class to teach. Go for it!

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Anyway, we went back out to Central State, showing it to coworkers of Nicole and wow. I don't think we have been out this year yet, and SO MANY CHANGES even since 2021. The north and north east areas are being developed. Even into part of what Max Bahr park used to be. We hope they are careful when digging, since there were rumors there was more buried there than what should have been. We didn't drive up there but it looked like a mix of apartments, townhomes and even single family homes are/were built there!

Also while driving in from Warman Ave, right to the north an additional block of apartments was just finished.

Still nothing being done with the old power station/plant. Actually it looks like it is in worse shape and two doors were open and we saw teenagers walk in :-( not good with how dangerous and asbestos-y it is in there.

But it was nice to hear other kids play soccer and football close to the school out there. Nice to hear laughter. Below some pictures of the grove, the picturesque area in the middle of the grounds - I hope they keep them, as some of the trees are ancient, and they already got rid of a lot of trees.

In the picture below you can see a couple of former light poles along the grove walk ways, but also in the back you see a basketball hoop. Thats one of two areas that we know about where people have been killed and where folks do have a lot of paranormal experiences. The other area is around where the fountain used to be where someone was attacked by being attempted to be burned alive!

But they are also planting some new native Indiana trees on the grounds were Seven Steeples, the building on the book cover used to be, so that is nice! In the background in this picture you can see the old power plant to the left, the old 1895 Pathology Building, home of the fantastic Indiana Medical History Museum on Central State grounds in the center, to the left of the big tree. Oh, to the far left you can also see the less old dining hall/kitchen building that is occupied by several businesses/orgs now!

There are still police officers out there, we saw one parked at the grove and driving off when we walked over, but since it is occupied now, public grounds, you should be able to walk around. Anytime. Just don't try to get into the buildings/old or new without permissions and ruin it for everyone! :)

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