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Erika’s in Westfield building 12/2/18

We did a walk through of the old Funderburgh grocery story because in a couple of years it will be torn down. For many years it was known as Picketts Cafeteria and was a staple for dining in Hamilton County with people coming from miles around to eat here, especially on Sundays. They eventually took over at least three of the buildings in this block to fulfill the huge demand! The building is full of beams hand carved by a broadaxe. We believe the site was part of the Underground Railroad although we don’t know what was on the plot before Funderburghs. The building on the 1866 map does look a bit smaller but could have been the same maybe.

Rumor has it the upstairs was used as a brothel at one point. When we went through the upstairs in 2003 an orb followed us. This time it was much more quiet.

The basement was equally so, except perhaps something odd with Michael’s hands.

Finally, there has been no sign of the lady, her daughter or the shadow figure near the soft drink refill equipment. Nor the child who is seen upstairs. I do wonder what is going to happen when the building is gone. Even so, here are some good pics of the location.

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