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New Book Update 3/3: Haunted Hamilton County

List price - $16.99

Limited Time Pre-Sale! $12.75 instead of $16.99 Estimated Ship date August 15th 2021

Twenty Ghosts. One book. Your imagination.

One, two, spirits and their shoes;

three, four, one ghost’s a dirty whore;

Five, six, a ghost throws pots for kicks;

Seven eight, a haunted building filled with woe and hate;

Nine, ten, automatic writing done with a pen;

Eleven, twelve, think into which haunting you’ll first delve

Thirteen, fourteen, the Prince of Commerce thinks his successors keen;

Fifteen, sixteen, phantasms in the kitchen

Seventeen, eighteen, many ghosts in this book for you lay waiting;

Nineteen, twenty, is your home is no longer empty.

Hamilton County has long been known for a high level of paranormal activity and this book captures the highlights in experience from the author and interviews from others who have experienced the hauntings first hand.

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