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Welcome new friends!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Thanks for all the new folks that discovered us or rediscovered us recently! October always brings extra media coverage for us and we appreciate it. Thanks to WTHR, Fox59 and WIBC.

Just FYI as we always stress our outdoor ghost walks are about real ghost stories, history and often true crimes. They are not a Halloween haunted house. We love those too. Many around. We aren't that.

Our normal walks are also not investigations. We have those scheduled as well were we go into haunted buildings with the public and investigation split up in groups and compare findings. These are fundraisers for non-profits and great fun! Year-round! That doesn't mean people haven't had paranormal experiences on our ghost walks! Many! And we share some pictures of those experiences on our walks too!

Just like our walking tours. (Although we don't schedule public ones in Dec/Jan, but still open for private ones)!

Happy Hauntings and see you soon 👻

Nicole & Michael Kobrowski

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