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Annual October/Halloween Season Reminder

We at, Inc. - Historic Indiana Ghost Walks & Tours are excited for the upcoming October/Halloween season! We thank you for all these exciting years of having us provide you with ghostly, historic, and true crime stories and can’t wait to do it again!

Just a few points of interest:

- We are the longest running, most often running, best rated Ghost Walking Tour in Indiana. We offer walks year-round. We know the places. We know the business and non-profit owners and work with them all year. We love our communities and the history and the ghosts.

- We talk about ghosts and real paranormal experiences, actual history, and true crime. We are not a Halloween haunted house (we love those too) that hire people to jump out and scare you. We also don’t promise you will see a ghost on our tour. It has happened, quite frequently, but we can’t promise an experience. If someone does - we wouldn’t attend their tour.

- Unlike some tours that only show up in October, we have ours available all year. We don’t normally schedule public ones in Dec/Jan but are available for private walks of course.

- Unlike some tours that “never sell out” (aka take as many as come), we prefer quality over quantity. We don’t take more than 35-40 people on our walks, and most we limit to 30. We think this provides a more intimate experience, plus in the areas we go to more would be irresponsible and dangerous.

- We are locally owned and operated. The people giving the ghost walks have researched them, or worked very closely with the owners that researched them. We don’t hire seasonal temp/student staff to increase the number of tours. We don’t phone in from out of state to hire local amateurs to tell made up stories or stories borrowed from others. We do the work.

- Our ghost walks are walking tours where we stop at stops in front (and sometimes inside) buildings and tell the stories. These aren’t investigations, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t had experience. We encourage you to bring a fully charged phone or camera to take as many pictures as you like (without flash would be preferred) of all the buildings we talk about. And of course the cemeteries in Westfield & Noblesville have been fantastic.

- We do offer investigations/ghost hunts too, as fundraisers for non-profit organizations we work with mostly. They get the money, we and you get to ghost hunt! Win-Win!

- We are true believers in the paranormal. So many experiences over the decades, of course we are.

- We love history just as much as the paranormal. We take our historic research very seriously and love finding new facts!

- Be patient with us. We are swamped this time of the year so won’t be able to answer each call or sometimes even voicemails that come in. Read our FAQ and email us for best responses!

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