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Dis-is-it! Brief late night visit at the Slippery Noodle Inn

Same evening we were showing around some coworkers of my wife, we ended up at the Slippery Noodle Inn at the end of the night. As one does. We stayed longer than we planned for a Friday night after a long day of day job work. As one does. After all, Dis-is-it! :) Check out their website here:

If you don't know about the Noodle, where have you been? Read all about it in our book Cursed Circle City - discount code at the end of this post. Get it on our website:

It is the oldest bar in Indiana still operating in the same building! It is fantastic. The live music is great. Very much the Blues, as the former owner Hal Yeagy transformed it to in the 1980s. But also rock and other music mixed in. Just a great time. Great food and booze too. And it feels like a family in there. Hal's wife still owns it, and runs it together with many regular include the ever fascinating Manager Marty Bacon. He was in rare form again Friday!

After a few drinks and snacks we were able to go on a tour again of the building. Don't expect that every time you go in. If they aren't too busy or in a good mood it is more likely to get to explore the very haunted basement and upstairs briefly.

Below pictures from the back building. It wasn't in use so we were able to linger a bit there and take pictures. Our friend Will got a lot of impressions of the Boss that is back there doing business. Seemed to be lingering in the balcony/hay loft staring down, vibrating. One of Nicole's coworkers was REALLY cold back there. Way more than any other place in the building.

We also did a walk through the basement which is always fantastic.

Finally, we went upstairs too. One room is made up to look like it did back in the day when there were women working upstairs in those rooms. You know what I mean.... also two guys were sitting in front of the door to the rooms, not sure if they can be trusted ;-)

We investigated this building a few years back and can't wait to go back! Read all about it in our book Cursed Circle City. And while we are at it, here a 15% discount for it: CCC15

Only one code per customer (but you can purchase multiple copies in one transaction and get them all discounted). Valid until August 31st 2022. No cash value. If you want it signed or inscribed - you get that for free too! Just tell us in the order notes or email us!

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