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Latest Newsletter!

More Oddities & Curiosities & Ghost Hunts & Walks

Wow, we had such a busy and fun weekend at the Indianapolis Oddities & Curiosities Expo and we will do it all again this Saturday April 30th in Columbus, OH! We will also attend the one on Memorial Day weekend in Milwaukee one one later in July in Detroit, MI! This and much more coming up last day of April and a very busy May! Join us! Please click on our events page for our ghost walk and investigation events or click on the events page on our website. Events: Google events calendar: April 30th 10AM - Columbus, OH Oddities & Curiosities Expo April 30th 8:30PM - Haunted Underground Railroad Ghost Walk Westfield May 6th 9:00PM - Indy Downtown Chilling Chatham Arch Lockerbie Ghost Walks May 7th 8:00p - Nefarious Noblesville Ghost Walk Friday the 13th in May!! Two Ghost Walks at 9 PM! Haunted Underground Railroad Ghost Walk Westfield and Haunted Indianapolis Downtown Wholesale District May 14th - Ghost Hunt! Strange Cragun House in Lebanon, IN 9PM May 21st - Nefarious Noblesville Ghost Walk 8PM May 21st - Ghost Hunt! Old Jail in Noblesville, IN 9PM

New Athenaeum Ghost Hunt Date! June 4th!

Do you know the Rathskeller in Downtown Indianapolis? Do you know that the building it is in is called the Athenaeum? It used to be called Das Deutsche Haus (The German House) and is VERY HAUNTED! This is our 10th year leading fundraiser investigations/ghost hunts in this building and it is always a great time! Won't you join us? Make your reservation directly on the Athenaeum Foundation booking site and ghost hunt with us! Added bonus, Medium Lorenda Carr will be available again that night to do quick readings for a reduced rate! Check out all the details and book here! Lorenda Carr's SIGN website Click here for the Athenaeum Indy website and for all their other events!

Other events also available!

Check our Google Calendar for other upcoming events where we will provide indoor presenations, sell books, etc! We will be at the Oddities & Curiosities Expo, Libraries, Museums, Book Store, etc! Our calendar in Google format.

Check our our many books on our website!

We have books of many different genres, so check them out and purchase them for yourself or friends and family! A good scare or good historic book or a sweet children's book is always a great present! We encourage you purchase them directly from us. That way we get a bigger share of the sales price AND the author(s) can sign or even inscribe the book for you! When ordering just put what you want in the text box!

You can purchase Gift Cards to our Ghost Walks directly from our secure Booking Software website by clicking here! These are great for gift ideas for friends and family and don't expire! You can buy them for any amount! You can email them to your friends & family or print the email out and give it to them like pictured below. They can then redeem them for any ghost walking tour they would like to anytime we have a public ghost walk scheduled! If you have a larger group of friends or family that want to have a private ghost walk we are always open to do that as well, just contact us!

Check out our books on our website and secure online store! or on Amazon!

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