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Media Frenzy Tour Busy October!

We had a busy and wonderful Thursday on October 5th! We have been working with WRTV and producer Michael Hartz and Anchor/Reporter Megan Shinn on a quick interview. We went in to the station and felt very welcome by the great staff there. To see the history of broadcasting (WRTV was the first TV station in Indy and they are in the original building from 1948!) was cool for history nerds like us! (tentative broadcast date 10/10 at 7pm - subject to change)

Megan was so kind and we did the interview in their virtual studio, which was interesting for sure!

She looked as some of the equipment we had brought along by coincidence and was of course curious! Maybe we will see her on an investigation sometime soon! ;-)

After that I had some time before my ghost walk downtown so I stayed around and went to the fantastic Slippery Noodle in. Our favorite Manager Marty Bacon was there too and 107.5 The Fan was broadcasting from the Noodle, as they often do on Thursdays before Colts home games. They of course mentioned the history of the Noodle and Marty reminded them of the hauntings. He mentioned that to me, I still had our Cursed Circle City book in my backpack and pulled it out, he grabbed it and put it in the hands of one of the guys broadcasting. And thats how I got an impromptu couple minutes on that radio show yesterday! Kinda cool to have two media...hits? (that's the word?) in one day! :)

And to end the day we had a fantastic ghost walk with the folks from Girls Pint Out! Since it was still a bit rainy and Marty was so kind, we started the walk inside the Slippery Noodle Inn and were able to go on a bit of a tour of this historic landmark and very cool bar! Thank you Marty and Slippery Noodle owners Sean and Jason! Marty was on hand to give some colorful commentary as well :)

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