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New Books update 2/3 - Cursed Circle City - Indianapolis Hauntings

List: $16.99

Limited Time Pre-Sale! $12.75 instead of $16.99

Estimated Ship date July 1st 2021

Explore the underbelly of the Circle City in this book of true stories from believers like you! Backed by research and investigations and experiences of the last 20 years!

Indianapolis is one of the most haunted capitals in the United States. Hoosiers are known for working and playing hard. Fast cars and the Speedway itself, sends visitors and Hoosiers zooming down the pathway to devilish ghostly delight.

Sometimes considered cursed due to its history of misplaced dead and involvement as a prisoner of war city during the Civil War, Indianapolis has some of the most delightful dark history and haunts one would dream of.

From beer halls, historic restaurants, and tales of the working class who built Indianapolis, this book brings to life the history and the haunted icons of Indianapolis in one easy to read book.

Many places in this book are open to the public and can be visited throughout the year. So the next time you’re in the mood for a road trip, remember haunted Indianapolis is waiting for you.

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