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New Investigation - The Hovey-Murphy House

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


Why are we doing this?

As you all know if you been on our tours or investigations or read one of our books, we love history. Yes, the paranormal is up there with what we love, but history has been with us, well, even longer! Nicole heard stories from relatives growing up from past experiences. Michael grew up in Nürnberg/Nuremberg Germany that was founded in 1050 and history - both good and horrible - was all around to soak up. We are fascinated by it.

Well no surprise then that most of our Fundraising Paranormal Investigations are at Historic Buildings owned by non-profits.

And here we are, doing one in Urbana, Ohio - how come? Well, for one, it is a fantastic building in a really neat town. Great dining and other historic properties to explore while you are there. But we are doing it really because we became friends with the owner - John Bry. He made his love of history his profession, hobby and calling. He was the Noble County Indiana Historian for many years and has saved many properties in Indiana, Ohio and beyond. He has been involved in many Main Street America organizations and this year was voted into the Main Street America's Leadership Council. He is the REAL DEAL. And he and his partner are working on saving this fantastic piece of history!

" Little Alamo" House Witness to Two Centuries of History

Join Unseenpress, com, Inc. for a fundraiser at the Hovey-Murphy House in Urbana, Ohio! Investigation: September 30/Oct 1, 2023 8pm-12am OR 12:15am-4:15am

(Max 15 people per investigation)

House tours (history only)

Friday, September 29, 2023 10am-4pm

House Ghost tours (NOT AN INVESTIGATION): Saturday, September 30, 2023 10am-4pm.

Building History:

The earliest portions of the property date from the 1810s and 20s. Benjamin Sweet constructed the earliest portions of the home. The Sweets were among the earliest families in the community. The family had multiple businesses including manufacturing chairs and farming. By the 1840s the Sweets had sold the property to the Colonel Edmund Hovey and his family. It would be the Hovey family who would enlarge the home you see today to accommodate their large family.

The Hoveys were engaged in several businesses including the nearby woolen mill and a local brickyard. Generations of the Hovey family would call the property home with the last of the family occupying it until 1944.

The Herr and Hayslip families would be the next residents of the home for 20 years until the Murphy Family acquired the property for the next 50 years. The Murphy family came by way of Kentucky with the older generation of the family being nationally renowned horse trainers.

The entire area around the home has a rich history including the UGRR, African American heritage, artists, musicians and powerful Ohio politicians of days gone by.

The Ghosts:

Over the years, previous owners have heard footsteps walking back and forth on the second floor when no one was upstairs, and an unknown man has been seen walking the grounds hallways of the home wearing black and a tall black hat.

Objects have been reported to fly across the room, moved or knocked off tables. Over the centuries, the home has been the setting for many weddings, births, deaths and funerals.


Investigate four areas downstairs and two areas upstairs. Each area will be marked by stop and go signs in order to keep any evidence obtained as pure as possible for investigators.

The paranormal activity: Members of the families that used to live there have contacted volunteers and owners of the building before. Footsteps, shadows, and items moving are only a few of the paranormal events that have occurred.

To sign up, choose one of the following:

Investigation Package (Investigation and Room at the Scioto Inn):

September 30/Oct 1, 2023 8pm-12am OR 12:15am-4:15am (Max 15 people per investigation)

Room cost (Range $115 - $155 for 2ppl; $155+ for 3ppl per room) + $40 per person for Investigation

To book the package investigation: Call Rich Colvin at Scioto Inn for reservations of Room & Investigation (and which time slot): (937) 508-4546

House Tours

Friday 09/29/2023

Friday: 10a-4p

30 min



Saturday, 9/30/2023: 10a-4p

45 min - on the hour; tours lead by John Bry co-owner of the house


Tours are on a first come basis.

For tours, meet at the house (233 E. Water Street, Urbana, OH 43078). Tours are every half hour.

For more information:

Hotel Stay - Scioto Inn Urbana, OH

Hovey-Murphy House online

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