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New Public Ghost Hunt: Morris-Butler House - First time public

We are so excited to announce our first public ghost hunt/paranormal investigation of the majestic Morris Butler House in Indianapolis! This investigation benefits the owner of this wonderful Victorian Mansion, the Indiana Landmarks Organization. They are letting be the exclusive organization to partner with them to check on the paranormal in this building and you can join and support this and other Landmarks! Join us this February, or if everything works out well, one or two more times this year!

We have investigated this fantastic building twice so far. Once with our group of likeminded investigators and one other time with students from the University High School! What amazing energy both time, and of course especially when the young teenage energies were in the building!

We encountered so many hauntings ourselves and heard plenty more from people that been in this fantastic building over the years. Volunteers and guests alike.

Below, doll movement captured in trail cam pictures and also in the video we saw nobody touched it.

Dark shadow in window that wasn't there when the picture was taken.

Morris-Butler House (well, then just Morris House) in circa 1867.

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