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October is here and getting busy!


Our October is getting busy. Our outdoor ghost walking tours, limited to less people than normal this year are selling out fast. Please check our schedule to make sure you book your spots early. If a date is full, check back later, we might add a later ghost walk (like we did this Saturday in Westfield!).

If you have a larger group of friends or family that want to have a private ghost walk we are always open to do that, but in October we only have very limited days available so ask us soon!

We have added two special Facebook Live events this month! First up Sunday October 18th - Haunted Crime Live: The Murder of Olene Emberton

A dirt lane. A dead girl. No clues. No suspects. No justice.

Join us and crime/mystery author, Janis Thornton, for a trip down haunted memory lane. Her book, "Too Good a Girl", delves into the still unsolved murder of her former classmate Olene Emberton, who went missing Oct. 16, 1965, and was found two days later — 55 years ago today, Oct. 18.

Janis leads us through Olene's last hours and we'll try to connect with Olene at the location where her body was found.

Next up, Saturday October 24th - Haunted Crime Live: The Unsolved Murder of Dr. Helene Elise Hermine Knabe

On October 23, 1911 Auguste Knabe had a dream a big black snake was winding between Dr. Helene Knabe, her cousin, and herself.

How prophetic the dream was. The next morning she learned Dr. Knabe had died, her throat slit not once, but twice. The police were inclined to believe she killed herself, but the coroner declared it murder.

Join us for a walk through the 1911-1913 investigation and trial- and beyond. One the 109th anniversary of the murder, Nicole Kobrowski, author of "She Sleeps Well: The Extraordinary Life and Murder of Dr. Helene Elise Hermine Knabe" walks us through Dr. Knabe's rise to physician, the doctor's upbringing and legacy, and the myths and truths of the crime investigation.

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