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Welcome our new guide - Ken Trulock!

We wanted to make it Internet official! Welcome Ken Trulock as our additional tour guide to the company! Some of you have already met him on tours and he is a wonderful dedicated and fun addition to our small business! Thank you for joining!

Ken is a native Hoosier growing up in central Indiana and living in Indianapolis for the past 30 years. History has always been a passion, but it is not just memorizing dates and names. By digging into the folklore, the oral histories, and the day-to-day accounts and interactions, history comes alive bringing context and a better understanding of the present. Ken has found when you dig a little deeper into history, you will find stories of haunts and spooks right up to present day.

Having grown up in a haunted farmhouse, Ken knows that a haunting often has its roots in history. If you want to understand one, you need to understand the other. Enter, Inc. – Historic Indiana Ghost Walks & Tours who weave history and hauntings together and Ken couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

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